At Tom & Teddy, we definitely know a thing or two about the beach: when to go; what to wear; what to take; what not to take! We’ve spent many long sunny days on the sand in Australia and beyond so it’s safe to say that we’re now bone fide beach pros! We know how to keep the kids amused and safe, and we’re experts at making beach-time fun and hassle-free. In this special summer edition of the Tom & Teddy Magazine, we’re sharing all our beachy secrets (and we’ve thrown in some top tips from our beach-loving friends too)!

The Essential Kit List

Before you head off to the beach this summer, take a quick read through our essential check list for a fuss-free family day by the ocean!

How to Handle the Heat 

Getting out and about in the warm weather lifts the spirits after the cold winter months and sometimes wet, cool springtime. But what if the sunshine and heat doesn’t necessarily agree with you? We’ve gathered together the best ways to soothe, cool and calm the body so you can enjoy the summer months and reduce the unwelcome side effects!

Beach Holiday Alert

The idea is paradise…sadly though, beach holidays don’t always work out that way. Have a read of Ben Groundwater’s guide on how to avoid your slice of paradise turning into the gates of hell. 

How to build the Perfect Sandcastle

No trip to the beach with the kids is complete without a sandcastle-building session. This summer, transform your crumbling and tumbling towers into robust, photo-ready sandy structures to be admired by every passer-by. Just follow our fool-proof guide to beachside building.

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