We had a chat with our super stylish friend Rebecca Wiggins, mum, editor and curator of Thirteen Red Shoes Blog. Here she tells us a little about her outdoorsy life in spectacularly beautiful Tasmania. You can follow her on Instagram – @thirteenredshoesblog – and fall instantly in love with her gorgeous photography!

1. Tell us a little about why you started Thirteen Red Shoes Blog?

I started blogging about ten years ago when my eldest son was born.  It was at a time when blogs were relatively new in Australia and I loved reading a few blogs religiously every night.  I decided it would be a wonderful way to record my musings from the day.  I adored capturing the moments of my son’s day and writing about what we had done to share with other mum’s with littles at home.  Over time I returned to work and no longer had enough energy to put into blogging each evening.  

My blogging was never a source of income for me, as it is for so many people today, and  it was out of love that I wrote and shared my days. My sister suggested I look at Instagram as a way to communicate with others.  At first I was not very interested, lots of random photos and strange filters on photos and i didn’t even know who to follow or what inspiration i was seeking. Very quickly i fell in love with the little app and found a tribe of people I followed just like I had on the blogging platform.


I could still share my captured moments however I could do this on the go and share a sentence or two rather than uploading numerous images, creating a lot of copy and then scheduling a post as I was doing with blogging.  I ended up having a personal account and then created my thirteenredshoesblog account.

After a couple of years I divided my account into one purely for those interested in children’s literature @thelittlebookemporium and  @thirteenredshoesblog became  my every day account capturing lovely moments with my family. I use the app as such a source of inspiration; from picture books to seek out, travel destinations to bookmark and add to our wish list, clothing for my boys and myself as well as a wealth of interiors and architecture to swoon over.  Instagram is how I discovered Tom & Teddy as we just love their bathers.

2. What do you love most about living in Tasmania

Tasmania is idyllic.  Small but not too small.  Four perfect seasons.  Clean air.  Magnificent food. Secluded beaches.  Farmers Markets. Whole food cafes. Sour Dough Bakeries.  Some of the best restaurants in the world and it is quiet.  So quiet.  We adore and would never live anywhere else.  Happy to explore the world for a month of a year however we always want to return to our little island.

3. Do you have a favourite beach near to you – what’s special about it? 

There are endless beaches near us.  A few are a 10 minute drive away form our front door and others over an hours drive away.  Wineglass Bay on the East Coast is spectacular as is Friendly Beaches. The sand is white and the waves can be big and so beautiful, gently reminding us of how tiny we are on this planet! There is also a little cove not far from home called Conningham, it is a delight with little beach houses lining the bay.  We prefer beaches in the cooler seasons when the wind sweeps at your hair and the boys run in the shallows.

4. What destinations are on your holiday hit-list outside of Australia?

We love travelling so very much and try to do a month long adventure every year.  Lisbon, Portugal is on my wish list as are the ski fields of Japan.  I hope to return to Switzerland at the end of the year though.  Our family has developed an absolute love for this country.

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5. Do you and your family have a favourite summer-time activity?

We have a pool at home so we love to spend the morning out and about, visiting a local cafe and strolling around the city parks and waterfront before spending the afternoon in the pool with family or friends.  We put the music on, get our the giant inflatables and splash about in our Tom and Teddy matching bathers until hunger strikes.  

6. What are your top tips for a day outdoors with kids?

We spend a lot of time out and about exploring.  When doing this with children you simply need to be a little more prepared.  We often get ourselves organised the night before, laying clothes out and working out what we might need to get at the local grocer or bakery on the way.  We are very sun aware and don’t allow ourselves to get the sun too much so a hat and sun protection are always a must as well as avoiding the heat of the day.  As we live in Tasmania there is almost no pollution so the sun has a very limited filter and our skin burns very easily.  We will make sure we seek shade for the middle of the day either at a garden or under some trees for a picnic lunch.  

A typical day for us always starts out early and often involves a car ride to our destination. Packed in the car will be beach towels, a ball, a novel or two, picnic rugs, bottles of water and a basket with fruit and vegetables, home made dips and more often than not a baguette or two!  Inevitably by the end of the day hunger strikes so it is good to always have healthy food options on the go otherwise we reach for the chocolate!  Our boys are happy as long as they are together so we generally head for a beach or a bush walk.  Tasmania has so many beautiful day walks and we try to do at least one every school break. Our favourite walks are coastal and the views are magnificent.  Cape Hauy, Cape Raoul, Mt Wellington and Crescent Beach are some of our favourites.


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