1. What is your favourite Hawaiian beach and why? 

I’m from (and currently live in) Kailua on the east side of Oahu and we take pride in having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kailua beach runs ~5km with many accesses along the way. You can’t go wrong with any stretch of the beach and it’s often quite uncrowded at the lesser-known public accesses.

2. Name three things that you always take in your beach bag!

We don’t head to the beach without sunscreen, loads of water and snacks, and some kind of surfboard.

3. What makes a fantastic family weekend, Hawaii style?  

We are so fortunate to have beach weather year-round here. So it’s no surprise that our most memorable weekends usually involve beach-going! We like to “post-up” at one of our favorite spots with friends, coolers filled with yummy food and drinks, umbrellas, and surfboards. We’ll often stay till sunset and you can almost bet on the kiddos falling asleep on the drive home.

4. With so much surf and sand on your doorstep, where do you like to go for a vacation?

Despite living in a tropical place, I still love seeing what other tropical destinations are like. Tahiti and Sri Lanka were both so beautiful in their own ways. But as a family we love variety. Heading to colder weather with snow and mountains is always something we are up for and ANYWHERE in Europe!

5. Top tips for taking a great photo at the beach? 

Lighting is key for beach photos! I tend to avoid shooting anything mid-day with the sun being at its brightest. Sunrise and sunset are most reliable times of day, but my favorite shooting conditions are on overcast days when you get these dreamy washed out photos.

6. What’s your husband’s go-to daddy and sons activity?

When it’s hot out and we are beached out, Parker and Brooks love going to the movies together. They call it a Papa-Brooksie “date” and it is usually followed up by a pizza dinner.


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