Gather your mini hunters and gatherers and follow our tips for a fun springtime scavenger hunt. It’s a brilliant way to spend an active morning in the fresh air and will encourage the kids to hone their explorer skills!

1. A Collector Scavenger Hunt

Give every child an item checklist and a collection bag – a strong brown paper bag will do and a downloadable list like this can be printed in advance and handed out with pencils. The aim is to collect as many things on the list as possible (give a point per item) and return to base for points to be counted up. Working in teams with one adult to supervise younger children can really amp up the competitive spirit, and they will love coming up with team names to be written on a score board.

2. A People and Places
Scavenger Hunt

Split into small teams. Take one adult, a clipboard with a scavenger list and a camera. Put on your comfiest about-town shoes and take to the streets to track down neighbourhood street signs, local amenities, shopkeepers, the mailman, a librarian or specific groceries. Take a photo of each specified person, item or place on your list. This hunt works well if you can think of some quirky/random finds to mix in with the everyday. Think along the lines of:

  1. A doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles
  2. Mr Brown at the bookshop
  3. A ‘’no-entry’’ sign
  4. A climbing frame
  5. A red apple
  6. A bright yellow car
  7. A traffic warden
  8. A dog toy
  9. A box of blueberries
  10. A rose bush

The team with the most photos after an hour of scavenging wins and you can extend the fun by downloading each team’s photos for a group show-and-tell.

3. A Party Scavenger Hunt

If you are hosting your young child’s party at home, a garden scavenger hunt is a great way to get them all outside and burning off the sugary treats. Hand out paper and pencils to each child and a list of items they need to find. You can keep it simple with leaves, trees, flowers, rocks, garden ornaments and a few hidden garden “treasures” too (watering can, shells, balls etc.). Children need to draw something when they find it rather than pull your greenery and flower beds apart!

4. A “Find something…” Scavenger Hunt

This one is for all ages from and is the best for finding totally random and often hilarious items. Something red, something sharp, something shiny, something old, something fluffy, something sticky, something tasty, something noisy… the options are endless! Ask teams to take a photo of each item to share at the end of the hunt and come up with a good prize to incentivise participants o be inventive and find something in each and every category.



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