Kit List:

2 x Medium-sized buckets with the bottoms cut out
2 x Funnels
2 x Pallet Knives
Drinking Straws, Spades, Rakes, Trowels (so everyone can join in and help with the building and shaping).

Step 1:

Use wet sand! If you can form a lump that doesn’t fall apart in your palm then it’s perfect for sandcastle building. You can never add too much water when sandcastling as it simply soaks into the grains and helps them stick together.

Step 2:  

Build a mound slowly by packing it with a few inches of sand, adding more water and then packing it again with more sand. The mound needs to be dense and moist throughout the building process so just keep adding sand and water alternately until you have a decent sized “hill”.

Step 3:

Sculpting time. Smooth your mound by gradually shaving layers off it and then, working from the top, start to add details like steps.

Step 4:  

Add towers. Once you have a nice secure mound of sand, you’re ready to add the castle towers. Take a bottomless bucket and fill a quarter of it with sand then pour in half a bucket of water, followed by more sand to the top until it is packed densely. Slide the bucket off and repeat (until you have enough towers for the size of the mound beneath)

Step 5:

Top your towers. Tightly pack your funnel with wet sand and then turn it upside down on top of a tower – it should slide off to leave a nice pointy tower roof. Use your hands to smooth the tower and roof to form one shape.

Step 6:  

Decorate. Use the pallet knife to carve small windows and doorways and blow away excess grains with the straws for a neat finish. Find shells, seaweed, grasses and pebbles for greenery and definition.


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