By Ben Groundwater


There’s something special about going on holiday with the whole family. Not just the immediate family either, not just the parents and the kids. We’re talking the entire tribe here, spanning multiple generations: grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts.

Going away together is a bonding experience; it’s the creation of shared memories; the chance for everyone to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

The only question is, where do you go for such a vacation? What are the destinations that can offer something for every member of the family, that can cater for the full range of needs and interests? The good news is, there are a few.


One thing is certain: your young children will be well cared for in Fiji. Very well cared for. Fijians have a genuine love for kids, and you’ll never be short of a child minder in this safe and beautiful country. There’s something here for everyone though: outdoor adventures, resorts with pools, golf courses, sailing and snorkelling trips, and plenty of opportunities to just lie on a beach under a palm tree and relax. Perfect.

Galapagos Islands

There’s not a single person who won’t be captivated by the natural wonder that is the Galapagos Islands. There’s just so much to see here, so much to marvel at. The animals, both on land and in the sea, are right there in front of you – they don’t fear humans, and as such make no effort to get away. This is a unique brush with plenty of species you won’t find anywhere else. Getting around is also simple for travellers of all ages, with plenty of live-aboard boats offering multi-day explorations of the island chain.


What are you into? Are you into theme parks and science museums, larger-than-life cartoon characters and comic book stores? Japan has that. Maybe you’re into the natural world, walks through dense forests or along coastal frontage. Perhaps it’s ancient history that captivates, the chance to visit temples or shrines or beautiful old homes. Japan has all of these things, and it presents them with such a welcoming air of safety that the whole family will be comfortable, and captivated.


There’s a destination and an experience in the USA for everyone – and it will all be delivered with a smile. This is the home of some of the world’s best theme parks, as well as its most spectacular national parks, its biggest and most exciting cities, and a huge network of roads to access them. The whole family will feel safe, comfortable and invigorated by a journey through the USA.

South Africa

Here’s the first surprise: South Africa is great for a driving holiday. The roads here are well maintained and safe. This is also a country with a huge range of outdoor and cultural experiences, the sort of place where you can be wine-tasting one day and watching fairy penguins the next, where you can be sipping coffee in a modern café in the morning and going on safari in the afternoon. South Africa is also incredibly beautiful and provides a warm welcome every time.


The whole family will be impressed with Spain. This is a country that tends to fly under the radar in comparison to the likes of France and Italy, but which has so much to offer visitors of all ages, from its beaches in the south to its mountains in the north, from the history of cities like Seville and Granada, to the impressive sight of world-famous buildings such as the Alhambra and La Sagrada Familia. Spain is also surprisingly affordable, which is perfect for a family getaway.


Picture this for a family holiday: paddling canoes through some of the most pristine wilderness you’ve ever witnessed, watching as birds circle above, dipping paddles in crystal-clear water, spending each night camping by the lakeside, toasting marshmallows and telling tall tales. This is just one of the many family-friendly adventures that exists in Canada, a country that excels in outdoor experiences, which can be as gentle or hair-raising as you please.

New Zealand

Everyone will feel comfortable in New Zealand. They can’t fail to be charmed by this gorgeous little country, by its stunning natural scenery, by its outdoor and adrenaline activities, by its great restaurants and micro-breweries, its wineries, its extensive network of hiking and cycling trails, its excellent roads and its friendly people. This is a destination for absolutely everyone.


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