Summer’s over for many of us and now we’re looking back fondly at those long hot days, being outdoors for hours, weekend swims and family vacations. In this Chasing the Sun edition of the Tom & Teddy magazine, we’re keeping the sunny vibes alive with our winter-sun travel guides, resort-wear insights and chats with friends in far flung (and sun-soaked) locations.

The Quick Six – The Jacobs

Tom & Teddy Brand Ambassadors, the Jacobs, live in Fremantle, Western Australia. We caught up with mum Kellie to ask her 6 quick questions about family life down under.



Winter Sun Destinations

If the advanced planner in you is already thinking about winter sun, here are five destinations you can guarantee will beat the chills.

Match Up The Boys

Every boy wants to be just like his dad and our bestselling father and son shorts are guaranteed to add to their fun on family holidays or weekends at the pool. With a great range of colours and designs to choose from, there really is a pair of Tom & Teddies for every big boy and little guy! And don’t forget to send us your match-up photos – just tag @tomandteddy on Instagram, we’d love to see you.




Five Great Carry-On Cases

We’ve tried, tested and researched several hard and soft cabin-friendly cases and we think this particular selection of mini luggage will hold all your essentials for a short vacation (think a couple of t-shirts, your favorite Tom & Teddies, a linen shirt and perhaps a pair of chinos!) with room for the kids’ stuff too!

Signature Swimmers

Feast your eyes on these brand-new Octopus, Pineapples, Seagulls, Jellyfish and Turtles – Classic elasticated-waist, super-soft trunks that you’ll be wearing year after year, season after season.

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